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This is an example of our default cross selling design.

In By default, the cross selling products include the image, name and price of the product and if you click on the product you will exit be redirected to the linked website.

What do you need to implement Cross Selling?


  • excentos provides a customized cross selling structure (cross selling products and rules which define when and which cross selling product is shown) in the Workbench which will be set by excentos.
  • Either we will need an extra file for cross selling products OR these products should be in the Product Data product data included.

The Cross Selling data should include the following Attributes:


Example: If the user chose a racebike race bike then show the cross selling product the associated saddle cover

Data-driven: Do you want to define cross selling products in an extra column directly in the product data?

You can integrate the integrate the IDs of the cross selling products in an extra column in column in the Product Data

OR you can send an extra file with the cross selling data.