This documentation describes the excentos Web Analytics tool ( to analyze the traffic and success of your Product Guides.

The excentos Web Analytics tool is based on the popular and powerful Matomo software framework. Matomo (previously named as PIWIK) is one of the leading Open Analytics Platforms and provides many advantages: 

  • Matomo is a software platform that allows 100% data ownership (unlike Google Analytics, for example), meaning we assure your data remains your data only (and will not be shared with third parties).
  • it allows far-reaching customizations of reports as they are required for Guided Selling.
  • for a general documentation on how to use the interface and work with the reports, please refer directly to Matomo:
    The Matomo community has compiled a great Guided Tour that shows all most important features and customizations:

Content of this Documentation

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Goals and Concept of excentos Web Analytics

The philosophy of the excentos Web Analytics tool is to make it as easy as possible for our customers and partners to:

This documentation shows how to use the reporting functionality in the excentos Analytics to achieve the goals mentioned above.


You can access the excentos Analytics here: