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  • think how your best personal sales representative / service staff proceeds

  • work with your market research, web analytics and business intelligence team / data

  • think and work user-centric; try to take the end-user perspective

  • work test driven and iterative to allow quick improvements

  • forget all the details you know about your products for a while - since this is how new customers interact with your website

  • check the references on how excentos already solved certain problems - and consider what you like and dislike into your concept thoughts
  • create an engaging shopping experience. Use nice images and entertaining and informing explanation content to provide insights to your shoppers
  • create a click path that is not too long and asks only relevant questions
    • define a target click-through time depending on your target group and the complexity of your product assortment / the buying decision.
    • E.g. for take-away products, the clickpath should not be longer than 90 seconds.
      But for complex products where users buy only once every 5 years, the clickpath may take 2 minutes, sometimes even longer. We realized There are statistics with session durations of even longer more than 5 minutes, but this is only justified if the Advisor Concept presents engaging explanation content
  • challenge the formulation of questions and answer options. Can every user understand them?



  • don't forget there are different target groups out there: some users know a lot about the products, others don't. Use the Question Flow features to offer additional info / questions to e.g. expert buyers

  • don't look at your product data too early; neither too late (wink)

  • don't stick to your warehousing logic / category system / product assortment rules. Think of use cases instead

  • don't make it too complex - after all, the user wants to take the buying decision as easy as possible (of course depending on the product category's complexity)

  • don't try to cram everything (e.g. all product categories, all target groups, all questions/answers) in one Product Guide or one single click-flow
  • don't think about organizational barriers, different marketing / category managers and sales initiatives of your organization for a while