Welcome to the excentos documentation center for all tools and backends of the excentos Guided Selling Platform.

For the convenience of international projects, the excentos documentation is – like all our tools and backends  only available in English. Feel free to contact us at info@excentos.com if you are missing any documentation. Thank you!


The excentos documentation center contains all info on tools, backends and webservices of excentos. Additionally, there is a lot of other documentation:

  • See the General Documentation on our corporate website www.excentos.com. Example topics are:
    • site integration, on-site marketing and many practical tips and tricks;
    • our extensive User Interface Portfolio that shows our widget library and possible UI conventions.

All project-specific documentation contained in our collaboration tool is available for customers.

Use the page tree on the left to navigate through the topics and subtopics of the general documentation or use the spaces below for more detailed information.

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