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Template Data Processing Agreement / Privacy Statement in your website (English)

titleVorlage für Datenschutzbestimmung für Ihre Website - ENGLISH - please click hereTemplate Data Processing Agreement in your website (English)

<h2>Usage of Product Guides</h2>

<p> Our website uses Product Guides to advice you during your buying decision process and enable an easy product selection. Provider of the Product Guides is a leading provider of Guided Selling solutions: excentos Software GmbH, Reiterweg 1, 14469 Potsdam, Germany, The Product Guides collect usage data such as the answer options and navigation actions selected by the user as well als interactions with or buying transactions (if eCommerce tracking is enabled) of product recommendations. This data is required to provide the interaction with the Product Guide and to calculate the product recommendations. This data is kept only temporarily in the memory of the web server and not saved permanently on the web server. For purposes of analyzing the Product Guide’s usage data, the usage data is stored permanently in a web analytics system provided by excentos in anonymous form. This data does not contain entire IP addresses, but only anonymous data. Furthermore, the Product Guides and the underlying server infrastructure temporarily tracks the IP address and usage activity of the users to enable the server infrastructure to repel cyber-attacks. This is a required precaution measure in order to be able offering our services. This data is only stored temporarily (7 days) to be able identifying possible cyber-attacks; during this time frame, the data could potentially be related against the usage data based on time stamps. Afterwards, the IP addresses and the log data will be permanently deleted. </p>

<p> If you use the Product Guides and product advice, search and chatbot systems on our website, you agree to this privacy policy. </p>

<h5> Disagreement against tracking the usage data in a web analytics system </h5>

<p> You can prevent the Product Guides from tracking the usage data in the web analytics system provided by excentos. You can check the status of whether your usage data is tracked or not and prevent the Product Guides from tracking the usage data by clicking on the following checkbox. Activating the checkbox will set an opt-out-cookie that avoids tracking the data in future Product Guide sessions with this web browser:</p>

<iframe style="border: 0; height: 200px; width: 600px;" src=""></iframe>