Dear employee, partner or customer of excentos Guided Selling:
This short documentation describes how to develop, refine and specify a product guide concept.


This is the short documentation to give you a starting point only. excentos developed a very detailed and in-depth process for product guide concept creation that is far more detailed than what you see here. This, however, takes some time to learn, a lot of experience and is our company expertise and thus not open to the public.

The process is based on excentos extensive experience from plenty of projects in a wide range of product categories and millions of usage data records from countless Product Guide sessions.

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(star) excentos is happy to learn from your experience what actually helped you creating great concepts, so let's keep in touch on ideas how to improve and streamline this process.

What is a Product Guide concept?

The Product Guide concept (or advisor concept), defines:

  1. the phases of the user interface
  2. the questions and answer options
  3. the (dynamic) question flow between the phases/questions/answer options, i.e. which question/answer option is presented in response to user actions or product data
  4. the intended recommendation behavior for each answer option and their combinations
  5. the way how all of the above is presented to the user (i.e. content, images, user interface)

Discuss Your Concept With excentos and Let the Guided Selling Gurus Optimize it (wink)

Get help and ideas!

(tick) Of course, excentos will be happy providing you with tips and tricks on how to further optimize the Product Guide. It's really important for us to have great Product Guides out there. Just Contact excentos Support, we're here to help!

Here are just some examples of our expertise to get the best out of your Product Guide and really optimize your Digital Sales:

  • Is there a good site integration that guarantees that your users will easily find the Product Guide in the right situation?
  • Do you get the most out of your product data? If not, what are the options and how can excentos support?
  • How could we enhance the user experience?
  • Will every user of your target group understand it? Does your concept speak the same language as the user?
  • Are the phases and questions useful and to they provide a good Advisor process?
  • Can we still optimize the question flow? Save time? Take out dependencies?
  • Are there too many/too few questions per phase?
  • How do we achieve upselling? Is there a cross-selling potential to increase shopping cart values and margins?
    How do we optimize your margins?
  • How to get the most out of our AI-based self-optimization features to auto-optimize the sales performance?
  • How do we achieve sales-optimization (i.e. sell the products you would like to sell according to your sales goals)?

  • How do we market the USPs of your products (i.e. make sure every user understands and remembers the benefits and key arguments for your products)?

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