Consent levels

It's possible to set consent independently for three categories:

  1. essential cookie consent
  2. tracking cookie consent
  3. tracking consent

Essential cookie consent

Cookies that are considered essential:

  • xcConsent holds information about consent levels:

    • essentialCookieConsent=true saves essential cookie consent (will never be false, because in that case it wouldn't be allowed to be set)

    • trackingConsent=true|false saves tracking consent

    • trackingCookieConsent=true|false saves tracking cookie consent

  • xcSessId=node...  holds the current session ID

Tracking cookie consent

Saves tracking cookies if enabled. Tracks without cookies when disabled and when selected tracking implementation(s) support tracking without cookies.

  • xcVisitorId  for recognizing a user across sessions, advisors or pages (also used for commerce

Matomo cookies

  • _xcpk_ses.[matomoSpaceId].xxx , e.g. _xcpk_ses.33.1fff : matomo session data
  • _xcpk_id.[matomoSpaceId].xxx , e.g. _xcpk_id.33.1fff : matomo visitor data

Tracking consent

Tracks the user with the configured tracking implementation(s). If tracking cookie consent is disabled and a tracking implementation doesn't support tracking without cookies, it does not track.

Setting consent

If no consent is configured explicitly, everything defaults to true. If another default behavior is required, please ask excentos to configure it to your needs.

Integration URL

Consent may be set initially via the following integration url parameters

  • xcEssentialCookieConsent=true|false  for setting essential cookie consent
  • xcTrackingConsent=true|false  for setting tracking consent
  • xcTrackingCookieConsent=true|false  for setting tracking cookie consent
Everything defaults to true if not set or to the conf key values if they exist.
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Global function (advanced)

Once the advisor has been initialised, there is a global function available for changing consent. This may be used to pass consent changes to the advisor: window.xcSetConsent(consent), with

	trackingConsent: true|false,
	essentialCookieConsent: true|false,
	trackingCookieConsent: true|false,

Not all options have to be set. anything that's not passed will stay on the previous setting.

Example usage

Enable essential cookies and tracking, disable tracking cookies:

	trackingConsent: true,
	essentialCookieConsent: true,
	trackingCookieConsent: false,

Disable tracking, keep all other settings:

	trackingConsent: false,

Custom implementation

Custom implementation by excentos to connect an existing tracking tool via available interfaces to our consent management

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