This page provides an overview of which cookies are used by excentos Product Guides.

Which Cookies does excentos generate or use?



who places the Cookie?Suggested category for your Consent Management ToolCookie lifetime


Internal Notes



Session IDexcentosFunctional CookieSession

Keeps the session state synchronized with the server



Visitor IDexcentosAnalytics Cookie5 years

Tracks a visitor between sessions

Essential if you want to use Ecommerce tracking.
Cookie_xcpk_ses.*Matomo SessionexcentosAnalytics Cookie30 minUsed by the excentos Analytics solution to recognize a visitor during one session.

Matomo is the web analytics solution used by excentos.

(Our Analytics solution "Matomo" was previously called "Piwik"; that's why the cookie name is "pk".)



Matomo IDexcentosAnalytics Cookie2 years

Used by the excentos Analytics solution to recognize a visitor between sessions.



Matomo IDexcentosAnalytics Cookie6 months

Used by the excentos Analytics solution to store information about the referrer that brought the visitor to the advisor.

Cookie__storage_test__function test cookieexcentosFunctional Cookiedeleted immediatelyUsed to find out if the browser technically supports cookies
CookiexcConsentconsent stateexcentosFunctional CookieSessionIndicates if consent to tracking and/or cookies is given:
  • essentialCookieConsent: Indicates if consent to essential excentos cookies (sessionId, consent cookies) is given.
  • trackingConsent: Indicates if consent to excentos tracking is given.
  • trackingCookieConsent: Indicates if consent to tracking cookies (matomo) is given. if false, tracking runs without cookies if possible.


    essentialCookieConsent: true,
    trackingConsent: true|false,
    trackingCookieConsent: true|false,

if essential cookie consent is not given, this cookie is not saved.

CookiexcUserProfileuser profileexcentosFunctional CookieSessionsaves the user's current inputs to resume his session after a timeout    

The data isn't sent anywhere, it's only used to restore a previous state of the advisor. It's only used if the user agrees to resume a previous session in the session timeout dialog.

CookiexcStageIdadvisor stageexcentosFunctional CookieSessionsaves the current stage/phase in the advisor for resuming the session after a timeout

The data isn't sent anywhere, it's only used to restore a previous state of the advisor. It's only used if the user agrees to resume a previous session in the session timeout dialog.


Matomo lasteventexcentosAnalytics local storagelocal storage elements don't expire (but can be deleted by the user at any time)

Timestamp of last excentos Analytics tracking event.

Set but never used.

Notes: The above definition of Cookies refers to the latest version of the excentos Themes. If there is a customized user interface implemented, please contact excentos.

The "Name (internal)" is just our internal name to easily communicate; it is not meant to be displayed in our customer's Consent Management Solution.

Default Text for Your Consent Management Solution

This is a legally non-binding text draft that you can use for your consent management if you want to inform your website visitors about cookie usage.

Name des Dienstes: excentos Product Guides

Beschreibung: excentos ist ein Online-Produktberater, der unsere Kunden während des Kaufentscheidungsprozesses durch personalisierte Produktempfehlungen unterstützt. 

Verwendete Technologien: Cookies

Erhobene Daten: Erfasst Statistiken über Besuche des Benutzers in eingesetzten Beratungssystemen, wie z. B. die Anzahl der Besuche, durchschnittliche Verweildauer auf der Website und welche Seiten gelesen wurden.

Ort der Verarbeitung: Europäische Union

Speicherdauer: Es gibt vier Cookies, die folgende Speicherdauern haben: Sitzungsdauer, 2 Jahre, 5 Jahre.

Name of the service: excentos Product Guides

Description: The excentos Product Guides help visitors of our website with personalized product recommendations during their buying decision process. 

Technologies used: Cookies

Processed data: Statistics and data on visits and events in the Product Guides such as e.g. number of visits, average duration time of a visit, and selected events in the Product Guides.

Personalized data processed: IP address (but stored for 7 days only)

Place of data processing: European Union or United States ((info) please clarify with excentos).

Lifetime: There are four different cookies with the following lifetime: Session duration, 2 years, 5 years.


The above describes the standard configuration. However, if customized solutions are implemented (e.g. integration with our customer’s lead generation processes), it might occur that additional cookies are used.

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