In all detail layouts you can enter object-specific texts for one or two languages at the same time. The following sections describe which texts are editable for each object.

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Furthermore, it is possible to add specific text keys. These keys can be part of theme customizations and are therefore not available/useful for all Workbench users.

Common text keys can be found in the combobox right next to the input field. For further specification, please contact our excentos support.


The contentItems.description key sets the description text for the widgets Tile with Description and Option with Description in the River theme.


As for the Stages, additional text keys can also be added for Questions.

Answer Option

As for the Stages, additional text keys can also be added for Answer Options.

Recommendation Stage

Recommendation Group Texts

The following title texts are used to group the recommended products in different categories.


The following elements are part of the filter which is used in the Recommendation Stage.

No Results Dialog

This dialog opens if the user input was too specific and no products could be recommended. The heading and description lines can be used to describe this fact. 

Product Card

The following elements are all part of a product card in the Recommendation Stage.

Interaction Elements

Product Attributes

The listed attributes were added in the Recommendation Config view (see Configure the recommendation cards). You can translate the prefix text which is displayed in front of the data-dynamic product value.

General Configurations

The following subsections list some user interaction elements and hints which may be shown in the Product Guide.

Navigation Buttons

With the aid of the navigation button the user can navigate through the Product Guide.

User Input Texts

Recommendation Preview

The recommendation preview can be found within the advising process (in general below the Question of a Stage). It contains some recommendations which fulfilling the users requirements the most at that moment.

Cross Selling

The Cross Selling section contains a bunch of additional products fitting to the recommended product (e.g. a case for a Smartphone).

Comparison/Wish List

The Comparison/Wish list contains user-favored products.

Service Error Dialogs

There are two different service error dialogs which can be displayed within the Product Guide due to different error reasons.

Session Timeout Dialog

This dialog opens after 30 min without any user input in the Product Guide respectively if the service was restarted. In both cases the entered user data is lost. The Product Guide has to be restarted. 
These information should be described to the user with the heading and description line.

Server Unavailable Dialog

This dialog opens if the network or the server is not reachable. As a consequence the Product Guide is not available. A reconnection could solve this problem. This issue can be described with the heading and description lines.

Restart Product Guide Dialog

This dialog opens after clicking the 'Restart' button in the Product Guide. It contains a heading and description line and serves as an information about the following action.

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