If you would like to set up Cross Selling products use this documentation.

What is a Cross Selling product?

  • Cross selling products are not alternative product recommendations, such as the "More Recommendation" or "Alternative Recommendation".

  • They are independent products which are recommended as an additional recommendation in addition to the basic product.

  • The recommendation of a cross selling products can be based on…

    • the attribute characteristic itself

    • the product, which is recommended in the result list

    • the information provided by the user, also called User Profile.

Example (Demo: Camera Guide)

This is an example of our default cross selling design.

By default, the cross selling products include the image, name and price of the product and if you click on the product you will be redirected to the linked website.

What do you need to implement Cross Selling?

  • excentos provides a customized cross selling structure (cross selling products and rules which define when and which cross selling product is shown) in the Workbench which will be set by excentos.
  • Either you provide an extra file for cross selling products OR these products should be in the product data included.

The Cross Selling data should include the following Attributes:

  • cs_id
  • ImageUrl
  • DetailsPageUrl

  • cs_product_name
  • Price
  • optional: technical attributes

Template: Products-Cross-Selling.csv

There are different ways to implement Cross Selling

Rule-based: Do you want to define rules related to the user input?

You can send excentos written rules (condition and consequence).
Rules can consist of user-selections, reference product attributes and cross-selling product attributes. excentos will implement a rule-set based on your requirements.

Example: If the user chose a race bike then show the cross selling product the associated saddle cover

Data-driven: Do you want to define cross selling products in an extra column directly in the product data?

You can integrate the IDs of the cross selling products in an extra column in the Product Data

OR you can send an extra file with the cross selling data. 

Are there more Questions?

If you are interested in an implementation of Cross Selling products, please get in touch with our sales team to talk about your requirements.

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