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Welcome to the Documentation of the excentos Workbench!

This documentation helps you build your Product Guides and explains the techniques and concepts to build, maintain and optimize great Guided Selling solutions.

The idea of the Workbench is to provide excentos customers with a web-based self-service tool that allows you to build your own Product Guides – as easy and effective as possible. The Workbench covers the entire process of building and maintaining Product Guides  from uploading and refining your product data via creating your Product Guide concept and content to publishing and integrating the Product Guide into your shop or website.

excentos is continuously adding new features, extending the documentation, fixing bugs and enhancing the user experience and stability (see the Workbench Roadmap). Please get involved and contact the excentos support if you need any help!

Get Started: Your First Steps

See the Get started chapter to learn how to create a Product Guide in a few steps.

Overview of Workbench documentation

Please look at the Glossary, if some of the specific Workbench elements and terms are unclear.