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Comment: wording, grammar, formatting


The length of the explanation text can be chosen freely but we recommend should be limited to a maximum length of around 300 characters. This length ensures a clean embedding of the text without disturbing the user interface. Of course depending on the selected advisor theme and font size, it is possible that the suggested length may differ.


(lightbulb) Info: You can also use HTML-Tags to get more individual and adapted textual appearances. For example you can use:

Unsorted List<ul><li>Text</li></ul>
  • Text
Bold Text<b>Text</b>Text
Colored text<div style="color: green">Text</div>Text
Line breaks<br>

And many more ...

Explanation Image

Using an explanation image extends the explanation content by a visual component. This component can address different kind of intentions:


There are many tips and tricks how to create good content that increases the user experience and conversion rate of your Product Guide. When producing or selecting the content, please keep in mind that - depending on the theme - it will be used in a responsive user interface and thus needs to match screen limitations and usage habits of mobile users.

We have excentos compiled some tips on content that also shows different ways of presenting buying decisions: