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Users Overview Table


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  • User:
    Contains the user login name. In the Workbench, the e-mail address is used as your user name since it is a unique ID. This address is clickable. It links to the corresponding user settings.

  • Full Name:
    Contains the first and last name of the user. The content depends on the information the user has released. That is why this cell may be empty, only contain the first or last name or both.

  • Roles:
    Displays the enumeration of roles the user has. For example this could be "Administrator" or "Guest". These roles are defined by excentos and can be changed in the user profile card.

  • Status:
    The status signals whether a user is "Active" or "Inactive". An active user can access the Workbench account and execute all actions his role allows. By setting the user to inactive, he is no longer able to log in. The status can be used to give a group of users temporary access to the account.

  • Last Login:
    The date when the user last logged into the Workbench.

  • Created:
    Date when the user was created in the Workbench.

  • Last Modify:
    Date of the last modification of the user within this account. This column is hidden by default, but can be set visible by selecting the burger button ('☰') in the top-right corner of the table.

  • (Re)Invite User Button:
    Depending on the current user status, this button has two different functionalities.

    • User Invitation:
      If there is no pending invitation for this user, you can send an email to this user, so that he/she can collaborate with you. The invitation is valid for 30 days.

    • Display pending invitation:
      If a user was already invited and did not accept the invitation, you can see the current invitation status. You can either, re-invite the user which sends another email with a new invitation code, extend the current invitation by 30 day or remove the invitation. If the invitation expires or is removed, the invitation code becomes invalid.

  • Remove User Button:
    This button opens a modal window to confirm the deletion of the user. Deleted users are permanently erased. However, Product Guides or product data that these users have created or uploaded to the Workbench will remain in the account.

  • Filter User:
    You can use the Filter User field to filter the table by the fields "User" and "Full Name".