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The account information view allows you to add specific information about your company account and to check the account activities. 

Information Card

  • Company name:
    Full name of the company

  • Street:
    Headquarter street

  • City:
    City of the headquarter

  • ZIP code:
    ZIP code of the headquarter

  • Country:
    Country of the headquarter

  • Description:
    Some additional information about the account or the company. This text cannot be larger than 255 number of characters.

  • URL project-specific documentation space:
    Contains the URL of the project-specific documentation space. For example this could be an URL to the confluence space.

  • URL issue tracking system:
    Contains the URL of the currently used tracking system (e.g. Jira) account.

  • Created on:
    Date of account creation

  • By User:
    User who created the account

  • Last modify:
    Date of the last account modification

  • By User:
    User who has done the last modification

Read on about Manage Users

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