The account information view let you see some information about the account paying status and currently used Workbench edition. You can also see some information about the Product Guides and users as well as the account history. 

Furthermore, you are able to request a Workbench edition upgrade in this view.

Information Card

Pricing Information

Here, you can see your current account status (Free Trial or Paid) as well as the date, when your current contract expires. Also you can see your Workbench edition, which can be either Start, Professional or Enterprise. Depending on the edition, the Workbench offers different available features. With the aid of the "Request Edition Upgrade" button, you can inform us, that you want to upgrade your Workbench edition.

Status Information

The status section displays the number of already created Product Guides and active users within your account. Furthermore, you can see how many Product Guides were already published und what is the limit of published guides in your current Workbench edition.

Account History

Here, you can see when and by whom our account was created and last modified.

Read on about Manage Users

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