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When you click on the button "Show Data" in the Product Data view control bar a modal window shows up which displays the table source table. This table should look like the table you can see in Excel or OpenOffice.

That dialog serves as a quick and easy possibility to see your original data. Note that also have the possibility to download the data file in the control bar to view it in Excel or OpenOffice.

Control Elements

  • Navigation Arrows:
    The data source table is only displaying 20 columns at once. So if your data feed has more columns, you have to click on the right arrow button to go to the next 20 columns; or click on the left arrow to return to the previous 20 columns.

  • Only Processed Attributes:
    Enabling this checkbox reduces the columns of the table. Now only a set of internal attributes are displayed. These attributes are created if you connect a Question with a product attribute (see Data Bindings and Connections). These columns can help you to see and check which product is connected to which Answer Option of the Question.

Read more about the Data Source Properties or the Attributes Table

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