Product data

Each Product Guide requires some product data.

Your product data will be used by the Product Guide to determine product recommendations that match your customer’s requirements.

It is important to have a clear data feed that will in detail cover the various question parameters you would like to address in the advisor process.

Of course excentos does provide services to assist you to manage and integrate your product data, and align it to your advisor concept. Contact excentos here.

This page and its sub pages explain how to upload and refine the product data and describes conventions the data feed needs to match. If you are not sure whether you want to start with the product data or first define the Product Guide concept, read the start with advisor concept or product data?

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There are certain requirements the data feed needs to match. The following pages describe how a data file can be uploaded and how the data can be configured. If your product data does not match the requirements described hereafter, please contact excentos support. The support team will help you transforming or enhancing your product data to get the most out of the existing data feed.

(lightbulb) Good product data is key for successful Product Guides.

The documentation about uploading and working with your product data and contains the following pages:

How to get started

Depending on which product data you already have and how familiar you are with preparing and exporting product data, start with one of the following documentations:

  • Beginner level: 
    Please take a look at the demo Product Guides provided to you. See how certain "Questions" and "Answer Options" connect to data attributes in the corresponding "Data binding and connections" setting in the "Questions" and "Answer Options" properties dialog.

  • Expert level: 
    If you have already frequently worked with product data, you can directly start with our template and example data files. Take a look at the template and example file and afterwards transform your product data to meet these standards.

  • In any case: Please read the product data feed requirements.

Supported data file formats and data structures

The Workbench supports uploading your CSV data files. This documentation targets Workbench users that already have existing CSV data feeds or that build up their data feed from scratch while setting up the Product Guide.

excentos also supports complex data feeds, such as web services or XML files. If you need support preparing your feed, please contact the excentos support team and request optional professional services by our data cleansing experts. You can also visit the full documentation of possible data sources and formats to see how to get product data prepared, such as transforming, parsing or enhancing it.

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Configure product data in the product data view

All tasks around uploading and configuring your data feed are performed in the product data view. Depending on your knowledge with data feeds, read the above-mentioned documentation first or start directly uploading your product data.

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