How many Integration Pages are needed?

You need only one integration page per Product Guide for all of a Product Guide's functionality since it is a Single Page App. However, excentos recommends to create an integration page in your stage system as well to test the Product Guide as soon as possible. See the documentation of Stage and Service Environments to check how many Integration pages in what environment are required

Can I create several Integration Pages for better linking into the Product Guide?

Technically, you may have several integration pages for one single Product Guide. E.g. if you want to show the Product Guide within different page contexts with different intro texts or images. However, you don't need more than one integration page (see also FAQ section above).
Another way to have multiple various entry points into your Product Guide is to have several landing pages. See our Marketing and SEO Concept documentation to learn how to create great landing pages and content that guide users into your Product Guides.

How does the Internationalization and different Product Assortments work?

If you require a different Product Guide behavior for e.g. several countries / markets / product assortments / language variants, excentos will set up different systems to reflect those changes in the behavior.
The system only includes the products contained in your system-specific data exports (i.e. country or market feed) and will also only show the locale that you specified. The Product Guide integration code needs to include the system name and the locale.

Security / What Protocols are Supported / HTTP versus HTTPS

All excentos SaaS services are accessible via secure SSL connections (HTTPS protocol). If your integration page is served via HTTP, add the parameter xcScheme=https to your integration code, so it looks like this:


Content Security Policies

If you explicitly set a content-security-policy via HTTP header or HTML <meta> tag, please include the domain in the list of allowed domains for external scripts, images, fonts and stylesheets.

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