excentos offers a free trial so that you can test Guided Selling solutions and test Product Guides / Product Selectors.

By providing a free test of our solutions, we aim to provide you 100% transparency of our platform and services and enable you determining whether Guided Selling can really contribute to your business goals.

This page contains some information for our new customers in the free trial phase. You can explore our features and thoroughly test whether the Workbench and our Product Guides really fulfill your requirements.

Not Included per Default

You can use all features of the excentos Workbench, except:

  • Publish: the Publish and integrate your Product Guide functionality is disabled. You can see an entire preview of your Product Guide in the Preview your Advisor view.
    However, if you want to publish your Product Guides built in the free trial phase, e.g. in order to integrate them into your Shop / CMS and test them live to gather user feedback, please let us know and we'll set you up.
  • ENTERPRISE features, advanced configurations and customizations: there are some features that require advanced configuration and customization, e.g. many of the features that are part of our PRO and ENTERPRISE editions.
    Please let us know if you would like to learn more on how to work with our PRO or ENTERPRISE features and we'll be happy demoing them to you.

Testing and optimization is crucial to excentos in order to achieve our goal of building the best Guided Selling platform out there. So please Contact excentos Support if there are any problems, if you have any suggestions or if you miss some features, and we'll be happy to learn from your experiences!

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