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excentos provides several Product Advisor themes. Although the themes were developed with a lot of effort, there is still room for improvements and individual preferences. In particular, this applies to brand colors and fonts. For this reason, the theme configuration view allows you to customize themes perfectly for your website or shop.


Action bar

The action bar is placed above the Product Advisor preview window. It contains the following user interaction elements:

  • Product Guide dropdown:
    Within this dropdown, all existing Product Guide are selectable. After choosing one of them, the Product Guide preview will be rendered with the selected Product Guide. With the aid of this dropdown, you can see quickly if the changed settings (e.g. colors or font sizes) are fitting with a specific Product Guide.

  • Screen Width dropdown:
    You can scale the advisor depending on your display size of your desktop or mobile device (dynamic); or select mobile to see the mobile view or desktop to get the desktop version of the client.
    Thanks to this ComboBox you can easily switch between all variants your customers can possibly see while using your advisor.

  • Language dropdown:
    If your Product Guide includes multiple languages (see Languages and internationalization) you can switch between them like in the preview view. The Product Advisor preview window will automatically change to the chosen language.

  • Channel-ID dropdown:
    When your Product Guide contains multiple channels (or markets) with different product assortments, you can change them here. The Product Advisor preview window will automatically change to the chosen channel.

    The channel ID selection is only visible if a corresponding channel ID column is defined in the product data.

  • Refresh button:
    Updates the Product Advisor preview window with the newest changes manually.



Product Advisor preview

The preview renders the Product Guide client with the selected theme and Product Guide like in the preview view. All changes in the general theme and customize settings are automatically displayed within this preview.