In the recommendation properties card the user can edit some settings for the recommendation Stage appearance.

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General Information

  • Recommendation Stage Name:
    Represents the name of the recommendation Stage. This name is normally displayed next to all other Stages in the Stage navigation bar within your Product Guide.

  • Recommendation Stage ID:
    This id can be used for analyzing the users clicking route through the Advisor. The tracking analytics can be accessed via Matomo (Professional or higher) or the basic Analytics view within the Workbench.

  • Price Pattern:
    Determine the price currency and where it is placed (in front or behind the price). The actual price is represented with the variables $price, $price_int or $price_adapt. Depending on the selected language the decimal separator is dot (e.g. en_US) or a comma (e.g. de_DE). You can also add text around this price variables.

    $pricePrice is always displayed with two decimal places.
    $price_intPrice is always displayed without a decimal place.
    $price_adaptThe number of decimal places depend on the actual price values from the product data file.
  • Max. Recommendations:
    The entered number signals the maximum number of product recommendations which are displayed to the user in one page.

    With the aid of an "Load More" button (if existing) further recommendations than the max. number can be displayed.

  • Max. Reasons:
    With this number you can decide how many reason texts are displayed at most per recommendation.

Recommendation Groups

  • Top Recommendation:
    This text is shown above the best fitting product recommendation. However it is only visible if this recommendation not containing any negative or unknown reasons.

  • Further Top Recommendations:
    Under that title all other top recommendations (without any negative and unknown reasons) are placed.

  • Alternatives:
    The alternative title text is used above product recommendations which also contains some negative or unknown reasons.

Recommendation Preview

The recommendation preview is not available for all themes right now. Only the theme Earth supports that feature at the moment.

  • Start Showing Recommendations At:
    You can select the starting point of displaying the recommendation preview. Therefor you have to select the respective Stage.

  • Max. Recommendations in Preview:
    Decide how many products should be displayed in the preview at most.


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