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What is the concept board?


All steps of building the Product Guide concept and connecting it to your product data are performed in the Concept Board View. It can be reached by clicking the linked Product Guide name within the Product Guide overview table (see Add a Product Guide).


titleIdea behind the Concept Board

Creating successful Product Guides is about having a smart and structured advisor concept. That is why excentos has arranged all major conceptional steps of developing Product Guides in the Concept Board. 

We have designed the Workbench to provide you maximum support in freely editing and changing the advisor concept and connecting it with the product data. To provide you a good overview, all Stages, Questions and Answer Options are displayed clearly within the Concept Board. Their positions are easily changeable via drag and drop.

Depending on your situation, you can create the full concept first, or start with the product data, or do both iteratively at the same time (see Start with Advisor Concept or Product Data?). See also our Product Guide Concept Manual for best practices and do's and don'ts when developing your Product Guides.


  1. "Add Stage" button:
    Creates a new Stage in your Product Guide. After the creation process is finished the Stage can be filled with some questions.

  2. The Stage "Recommendation":
    The Recommendation Stage displays the product recommendations that fulfill the user requirements (i.e. the Answer Options the user selected).
    Since every Product Guide requires a Recommendation Stage, it is not possible to delete this Stage.

  3. Action bar:
    "Show Images" toggle button:
    If this toggle is activated, all preview images in Stages, Questions and Answer Options are displayed in the corresponding card. The preview images help you visualizing your advisor concept in the Concept Board. They are derived from the corresponding decoration images of each Stage, Question or Answer OptionThe action bar contains the two menu items "Visualization" and "Highlighting". Within the visualizations menu some graph visualizations can be found to show different connections in the Concept Board. The highlighting menu contains several variants to highlight certain concept elements with the same properties (coming soon). For more information, please look at Concept Board Action Bar.

Cards organize the advisor concept