The way how your Product Guides display the product recommendations to the end-user is an important aspect of the user experience and providing information which are relevant for the buying decision. Use the recommendation card to communicate product features that are relevant for every product and thus should always be displayed.

The product attributes can be added by clicking on the "Add Attribute" combobox. After the selection the attribute will be added into the table. The order of the attributes can be changed via "Drag & Drop".

Display Attributes Table

  • Attribute name:
    Represents the product attribute name which was chosen in the "Add Attribute" combobox. For each added attribute, the corresponding recommendation text (if set) and attribute value will be displayed in the product recommendation card.

  • Recommendation text:
    This text can be used to describe the product value of the selected attribute. For example for the attribute "Price" the text could be a simple "The price is". 

  • Value:
    Represents the actual product value of the product attribute for a specific product.

  • Unit:
    A unit can be added in the input field. This unit will be placed behind the value of the recommendation text. E.g. if you use the recommendation text "The price is" and the Unit "€", the recommendation card will display the following: "The price is 499 €".

  • Remove button ( X ):
    By clicking the "X" button on the right side of each row, the corresponding attribute will be removed from the table. As a consequence, the attribute is not shown in the product recommendation card anymore.

Example Configuration

This example shows four different attributes which were added to the table. All of them have their own recommendation text and the attribute "frame_size_cm" has also the unit "cm". These four attributes are displayed in the Recommendation Card like in the image below.

Note: It is possible to leave the "Recommendation Text" input field empty. This results in displaying only the product value.

Resulting Product Recommendation Card


Please note that a display attribute only appears for a product if the product has a value for this attribute.

The Description Text (Prefix) of a display attribute can include up to 255 characters. 

The texts from product data for the Recommendation-list is not limited but it would make sense that the text isn't too long.

Read on about the Recommendation Properties

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