To add a further user to your account you have to click on the "Add User" button at the bottom of the User Overview table.


A modal window opens with the following settings:

  • First Name:
    Should contain the first name of the user.

  • Last Name:
    Should contain the last name of the user.

  • E-mail Address:
    A valid e-mail address has to be entered. This is a required field because the e-mail address is used as the user's username for login. Therefore the address has to be unique for the account and cannot be changed later on.

  • Password:
    Contains the user's login password. The status bar below the input field indicates the password strength. There are three categories: weak, good and strong. A weak password should be avoided.
    A password length of under 8 characters is denied. Furthermore, common passwords are also marked and should not be used.

  • Password Confirmation:
    The password has to be repeated. The user can only be created if both passwords are identical.

  • Invite User via email:
    As an alternative to setting a temporary password for a new user, you can also send an invitation email to the new user. Here, he/she can set the password for their own. The invitation is valid for 30 days.

  • User Roles:
    Every user must be assigned to at least one user role.
    The user creation process cannot be completed without assigning the user role.


Read on about the User Settings

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