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The user settings view allows viewing and editing information for one specific user of your company account. It nearly contains the same elements which can be seen in the Add a new User modal window. That's why the UI elements will only be briefly described.

The view can be accessed by clicking on a username in the Users Overview Table or selecting the menu bar item "My Profile".

User Card

  • Username:
    Contains the login user name. In this case, it is the same as the e-mail address.

  • First Name:
    First name of the user

  • Last Name:
    Last name of the user

  • E-Mail:
    The e-mail address is used as the user's login name.

  • Change Password:
    By clicking on this button, the card is extended to two password input fields:

    • New Password: The new password should contain at least 8 characters. The strength is displayed in a bar below and can be weak, good and strong.

    • Confirm Password: Confirmation of the typed-in password above.

  • Roles:
    By selecting an element from the combobox the user role will be changed or expanded.

    A user can assign to himself only roles with less rights than he currently owns. If a user shall be granted more rights, a user with the role "Administrator" of your account needs to assign the higher role to the user.

  • Last Login:
    Date of the last user login.

  • Last Modification:
    Date of the last user modification.

  • Since:
    Contains the date on which the user was created.

  • Status:
    Shows whether the user is active or inactive within the account.


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