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What is an Automatic Mapping?

Automatic data binding automatically creates an Answer Option for every distinct value of the connected product attribute  (1:1 mapping).

(info) Things to know:

  • When choosing this type, all previously configured Answer Options of this Question will be deleted.

  • The appearance of the question card changes (see image below).
  • The automatically created Answer Options are not visible in the Concept Board, their labels cannot be changed and there is no explanation content.

    • → Re-labeling causes the lost of the 1:1 mapping.
    • It would not make sense to produce explanation content since the values are dynamically attached to the data feed. So there is no way to control for which product attributes explanation content would exist and for which not.
  • Since there is a 1:1 mapping to the product data, you cannot manually enter additional Answer Options.

When is Automatic Mapping Recommended?

  1. Product attributes with many different (simple) values that you don't want to maintain manually.

    • e.g. brands (see example configuration below)

  2. Attribute values that directly correspond to the Answer Option labels
    • e.g. colors
  3. Product attributes where the values might change very frequently and you want to make sure every value is displayed without adapting the corresponding list of Answer Options in the Product Guide.

Example and its Configuration Steps

Example Question

Make sure you provided your users a selection of brands in the Product Guide. Your Question "Which brand do you prefer?" would look like this in the Concept Board:

Product Data File

Furthermore your uploaded product data file contains the product attribute "manufacturer" which is filled with a set of different brands:

There are many different manufacturers, and your shop or website will add new products continuously and remove products that are not on sale anymore. As a consequence, your manufacturer list may look different every day or even hour. It does not make sense to keep track of these changes manually; instead use the automatic mapping.

Configure the Automatic Mapping

After building the Example Question and uploading the Product Data File the Question data binding type have to be adapted and the product attribute set.

  1. Click on the Question label which opens the question properties dialog.
  2. Go to the "Data Binding and Connections" tab.
  3. Choose "Automatic" in the "Answer Option Data Binding" combobox.

    All existing Answer Options are deleted at this moment.

  4. The Question card's appearance changes (see image below).
  5. Select the attribute "manufacturer".
  6. Now all values from "manufacturer" are bound and represented as an Answer Option with the same label name.


The live Product Guide shows the Question "Which brand do you prefer?" with a list of all product attribute values. Here: Anderson, Carlson, Janson, Simson, Thomson. 

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