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When you click on the "Copy" button in the General Properties section the current modal dialog is displayed.

Within this window the user can configure the following properties.

Copy Destination

Choose the Stage in which the copied Question should be placed. As default, the current parent Stage of the original Question is selected (in the example above, it is the Recommendation Stage).

Link with Original Question

Within this setting, the user can choose between two options. Both are described below shortly:

Linked Questions (Yes)

Linked Questions share certain properties and elements which cannot be changed independently. Some of these shares features are: Answer Option Type, Matching & Reasoning, single/multi selectable options. Furthermore, all underlying Answer Options are exactly the same. So you should use linked Questions if all of these features should be the same in the new Question.

Properties like Question label text, explanation text and images are not affected by the linking mechanism.

Independent Questions (No)

The copied Question is completely independent from the original one, which means that any changes in one Question will have no effect on the other one. This is especially useful if multiple Questions share many equal properties and Answer Options, but not exactly all of them. These differences can be changed very easily without affecting the other one.

Copy Process

Afterwards, the copied version is automatically placed at the last position of the selected Stage destination (like any newly created Question). Depending on the "Linked Questions" setting, the new Question shares certain properties with the original Question or acts completely independent.

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