This page describes how to log in to the excentos Workbench.

Please contact the excentos support if you have trouble logging in or if you want to request login credentials.

How to Login?

After you received your personal login information for your account, you are able to log in to the Workbench. 

Open your browser and enter the specific Workbench account login URL provided by excentos.


In this example, the account namespace is bike-shop. Please make sure that this part of the URL is replaced by your account namespace.

Without that namespace it is not possible to enter the Workbench successfully.

Enter your email address.

If your account uses Active Directory authentication, you will be redirected to the Active Directory authentication portal without entering a password. After successful authentication, you are sent back to the Workbench's Product Guide overview.

Enter your initial password.


Please change your password after your first login in the User Settings view.

Click on the login button. You are now logged into the Workbench.

After a successful login, you will see the Product Guide overview page (see Add a Product Guide) that displays all existing Product Guides in your account.

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