This page and its subpages describe how to prepare your product data before you are able to upload it into the excentos Workbench. After preparing your data, you can Upload your Product Data File into the Workbench.

How do I have to prepare my data?

There are many options how to prepare your product data to integrate them into the Workbench. This part of the documentation describes the requirements that your product data feed needs to fulfill in order to build Product Guides entirely yourselves with the excentos Workbench, which means preparing a data feed that matches the Product Data Feed Requirements.

If you have more complex product data feeds, such as web services or XML files, or if you need support preparing your feed, please contact the excentos support team and request optional professional services by our data cleansing experts. excentos also provides an extensive documentation of different data sourcing options and possibilities to work with your product data. Please note that the information contained in that documentation are general information on product feeds and is not specifically needed for Product Guides built with the Workbench.

For a detailed description of the preparing steps, please look at the following subsection:

Read about the Product Data Feed Requirements,
or directly try to Upload your Product Data

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