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The Answer Option type Text represents the default Answer Option type and is preselected for every Question that you create.

There are no specific requirements for the connected product attribute or the Answer Options of this Question.

Usage Examples

Questions that might use the Text Answer Option Type:

  • gender
  • bike type
  • color
  • brand

Example Configuration

A typical example of a Question with the Answer Option Type Text is:

In the example Question "Which activities do you plan to do?", Text is the suggested variant because:

  • Ordered defines an order over all answer options. In this case e.g. "Mountain biking" is not smaller or less than "Racing biking". The Answer Options are totally independent and equivalent.
  • Continuous Numeric is disabled because the selected product attribute is not from type "Number".
  • Boolean would remove all existing Answer Options because it is designed to have only a "true" and an implicit "false" state.

  • The Answer Options are not Ordered (e.g. "Cruising in the city" is just as good as "Mountain biking") between the different Answer Options.
    • Technically, it would be possible to set the Answer Option Type to Ordered; however this would not make sense since it might influence the recommendation behavior.
      The recommendation behavior or Ordered Answer Options could prefer "neighboring" Answer Options. However, if the user selected e.g. "cruising in the city", the neighbor Answer Option "mountain biking" is not a better alternative than the "more distant" Answer Option "racing bikes".
  • They are obviously not Numeric since it is all plain text Answer Options.
  • And they are not Boolean because they are not "yes/no" or "true/false"-pairs.

Read on about Ordered Answer Option Types

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