This page lists the most frequently asked questions regarding product data handling with your Product Guides and in the Workbench.

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When are new products in the live Product Guide?

When new products are displayed by the live instance of your Product Guide depends on how you integrated your product data feed. Take a look at the Connector Type in the Product Data view:

Local Upload

You are uploading your product data manually and there is no automatic upload yet.

New products are live only once you publish your Product Guide.

You have to go to the Publish view and publish to the service environment before your new products will show up in the Product Guide integrated into your website.

Of course the new products will be displayed in the Preview within the Workbench immediately after local upload.


You are using an automatic product data connector.

New products are live once the data download job is completed.

Check in the Product Data view under “Schedule” to see when the jobs start. After that timestamp, typically within some minutes the new products will be live in the Product Guide integrated into your website.

Add Answer Options and change the product data at the same time. How do I proceed?

If you add Answer Options and at the same time want to change the product data values which are connected to these Answer Options, the best workflow is:

  1. Add, change or remove Answer Options and optionally change the content.

  2. When using local upload:

    1. Change the CSV file.

    2. Upload your product data using the “Upload File” button.

  3. When using HTTP or SFTP:

    1. Change the product data in your PIM.

    2. Wait one night (depending on the schedule that excentos implemented for your data processing jobs) or call excentos support to start the data processing jobs immediately.

    3. Use the “Update” button in the data view to import the changes into the Workbench.

  4. Adapt the data bindings for the relevant Answer Options.

  5. Test the changes in the Workbench Preview.

  6. Publish the Product Guide in the Publish view to your stage or service environment.

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