The Recommendation Stage is the last Stage within every Product Guide and contains the result list, i.e. the list of products recommended to the user.

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Positioning in the Concept Board

In most Product Guides, the recommendations are displayed in the last step of the advisor process. That is why the Recommendation Stage is displayed as the last Stage (on the right side) in the Concept Board. It is marked with a white circle with a "R" letter inside:


The card includes familiar elements from a "normal" Stage card but it is slightly customized to match the Recommendation Stage requirements.

Familiar Elements


  • There is no circled number at the top of the card but a white circled "R" letter.
  • The Stage cannot dragged & dropped like every other Stage. It has to remain the last one.
  • It has further Recommendation Properties within the properties dialog.
  • You cannot configure the visibility or any explanation content.

Properties of the Recommendation Stage

The Recommendation Stage properties dialog looks different to the "normal" Stage properties dialog. It only contains the "General Properties" and a specific "Recommendation Properties" section.

General Properties

This section is very similar to the general properties from the other Stages. The only difference is that the "Delete Stage" button is missing because this Stage is not deletable.

Recommendation Properties

This section contains the following elements:

  • Max. Amount of Recommendations:
    The maximum number of recommendations that will be shown to the user in the beginning in your Product Guide. The default number is 15.

  • Max. Reasons per Recommendation:
    The maximum number of reasons that are displayed for each product recommendation. The default number is 15.

  • Top Recommendation Title:
    This title is shown above the product card which is recommended as the best fit.

  • More Recommendations Title:
    Below the top recommendation all further product recommendations which fulfills all user requirements are shown under this caption.

  • Alternatives Title:
    The alternative title text is used above product recommendations which also contains some negative or unknown reasons.


You can also set these properties in the Recommendation subview in the Recommendation Properties card.

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