This page provides an overview over all existing views in the excentos Workbench. It describes the navigation options between the views. You can use this page to identify the names of each view and to check if you are not sure how to enter a certain view.

Table of content:


The levels define the different hierarchical grades of the views. Some views have a parent view and only can be entered from this parent.


Every example URL is based on the "Bike Shop" account and the product guide "Bike Advisor".

Level 0

Login view

This is the starting view after entering the URL of your Workbench account. Entering your login data and clicking the "Login" button opens the Product Guides Overview page.
This view is also shown after a successful logout.


View documentation: Login

Level 1

The following views can be reached over the main menu, which is located on the top of the Workbench (see images below).

Product Guides overview

The Product Guides Overview page is the initial view of the Workbench after a successful login. It contains all Product Guides listed in a table.
By clicking on a specific Product Guide name the Concept Board view of this Product Guide will be opened. It is also possible to go to the Product Data, Recommendation Config, Language or Publish view by using the '...' button right next to the Product Guide name.


View documentation: Add a Product Guide

Theme design view

Within the Theme Design view you can adapt the Product Guide themes in terms of colors, fonts and font sizes. Furthermore you are able to add some customized CSS code.


View documentation: Individualize the theme design

Account information view

This page contains some additional information about the account like the company's address or documentation space.


View documentation: Administer Your Company Account

Account users overview

All existing account users are listed in a table on this view. New users can be added and existing ones can be removed. By clicking on a user name the Foreign User Profile view can be entered. Users with major roles like the administrator can change the roles/permissions of users with minor roles like "Guest" or "Editor".


View documentation: Manage Users

User profile view

This view contains the user profile card of the currently logged-in user. Here you can change some user information like the real name or the password.


View documentation: User Settings

Help view

This view contains some further information about documentation, support, upcoming changes and analytics.


View documentation: Help View

Level 2

Navigation to Level 2 from the Product Guides OverviewSide navigation bar with Level 2 views

The following views can be reached from the Product Guides Overview from an overlay, or via the side navigation bar which is located on the left side of the Workbench once the user has already entered a Product Guide.

Product data view

This page is entered after clicking the "Product Data" button in both images above. It contains the uploaded product data file which includes all product attributes and their values.


View documentation: Integrate your product data

Concept Board View

The concept board is initially entered if you click on a product guide name in the Product Guides Overview page. In this view, you can add your questions and answer options and connect them with the product data information.


View documentation: Create the advisor concept

Recommendation Config View

This page can be entered after clicking the "Recommendation" button in both images above. In this view, you can decide which attribute values should always be visible for each product recommendation card (e.g. product brand or price).


View documentation: Configure the recommendation cards

Widget Config View

This page can be entered after clicking the "Widgets" button in the navigation bar. Here, you can decide which UI component should be used for each question and its answer options within the Product Guide.


View documentation: Widget Configuration

Language View

In this view you can add new languages to your advisor without recreating the whole concept again. Furthermore, you can edit all relevant texts within this view.


View documentation: Languages and internationalization


Within the Preview you can check your current concept and Product Guide configurations. It displays the advisor in different themes so you get an impression how the Product Guide would look like in your website.


View documentation: Preview your Advisor

Publish View

After clicking the "Publish" button in both images above this page will be reached. In this view the created Product Guide concept can be published and previewed in the browser.


View documentation: Publish and integrate your Product Guide

Analytics View

To see how your Product Guide is performing you can take a look at some analytics visualizations within the Analytics view. For more detailed statistics you have to enter your Web Analytics in Matomo.


View documentation: Analytics view

Foreign User Profile View

This page is entered after a user name was clicked in the Account User Overview page. This page contains the same elements like the User Profile view. The difference is that the visible data are from a another person than the logged-in user. 


View documentation: User Settings